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Who is Karl-Ilias von Auersperg?

Prince Karl-Ilias von Auersperg has been princess Luisa of Belgium's boyfriend since 2016.

So who is this Austrian prince exactly?

Just like Luisa, Karl-Ilias was born in 1995. The couple will both turn 23 this year.

Karl-Ilias has a younger brother, Dimitri (°1996) and a younger sister, Alexia (°2000). They were all born in London where they've always lived.Their parents are prince Karl von Auersperg-Breunner and Demetra Lalaounis. Which gives them a mixed Austrian-Greek heritage.

prince Dimitri, princess Alexia & prince Karl-Ilias von Auersperg

Dimitri & Alexia

Dimitri & his father, prince Karl von Auersperg-Breunner

Alexia & her mother, Demetra Lalaounis


Alexia at the Bal des Débutantes in Paris, edition 2014

Karl-Ilias's mother runs the family jeweller's business, together with her sisters. You can read about it here: http://www.theflairindex.com/women/flair-woman-demetra-lalaounis/ . The brand, set up by their late father still creates gorgeous pieces, inspired by Greek heritage. It used to be a favorite of Jackie Onassis.

As for his father, after having been director of Crédit Suisse & executive director at JP Morgan, Karl sr. is now executive vice president at theUK branch of Swiss private bank Lombard Odier.

You'd be dancing too if you had their life!

Karl-Ilias attended the Saint-Philip's School in South Kensington as a boy, before becoming a boarder at Wellington College in Berkshire where he obtained his GCSE's & international baccalaureat.

Wellington College

Then, just like Luisa, he moved to Canada to major in political science at the McGill University in Montreal.

Luisa & Karl-Ilias have a lot in common, apart from good looks: money, titles, connections, a home in London, a public school education, a high nobility Austrian father, a mix of cultures & languages, their study at university... It's more than probable they already knew each other before leaving for Montreal.

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