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Sophie von Württemberg & Maximilien d'Andigné

The bride to be: German duchess Sophie von Württemberg is the eldest daughter of duke Philipp von Württemberg (who's a big shot at Sotheby's) and his gorgeous wife, duchess Marie Caroline in Bayern. As could be expected from her gene pool, Sophie is quite something herself.

She's young to get married, being currently 24, but then again you're speaking royalty here: Sophie is immediately related to two German royal houses and the last kings of France. She grew up among castles, expensive art, large estates and British boarding schools.

Sophie with her siblings: Carl Theodor, Pauline and Anna

The groom to be: Maximilien d'Andigné (29) belongs to succesful yet traditional French aristocracy. This good looking fellow has hunting and polo as hobbies. At his young age he's the Vice President for Energy Derivatives at price risk management firm Mitsui Bussan Commodities in London.

Maximilien's CV reads as a job description for the perfect aristocrat: He grew up in Paris and New York, with a French country estate as well. As a keen sportsman he's run a marathon to donate the money to Chrétiens d'Orient. 

And he was one of the cavaliers at the Paris Bal des Débutantes of 2007.

The spark: the couple met in London. Where else? They'll keep on living there after the wedding.

The Civil wedding
15 September 2018
Altshausen, Germany

The dress: Sophie wore a vintage white shift dress that used to belong to her ever stylish maternal maternal grandmother, duchess Elizabeth in Bayern (née Douglas). 

The gift: The pearl choker with a central Brazilian emerald was a wedding gift from Sophie's paternal grandparents, Carl& Diane von Württemberg. Sophie had been crazy about the design for a while.

The hairdo: By Alexandre de Paris, who also coiffed the bride's mother. It was the hairdresser's romantic idea to add a flower wreath.

The party: After the wedding ceremony which took place in one of the state drawing rooms of Schloss Alsthausen there was a champagne reception. At night a gala party was held for the 62 guests.

The Religious wedding
20 October 2018

Tegernsee, Germany

The dress: Made in a Stuttgart atelier.

The kiss: After a two hour church service in German and French, thank you very much.

The ring: A whopper sapphire on a modern band.

The guests: 360 of them.

Sophie's grandparents, Herzog Carl von Württemberg and his wife, princess Diane d'Orléans. Obviously still very affected by the death of their eldest son Friedrich in a car crash, barely a few months ago.

Mother of the bride, duchess Marie Caroline in Bayern and father of the groom, count d'Andigné.

Sophie's maternal aunt, duchess Anna in Bayern and her second husband, count Andreas Maltzan.

Sophie's maternal aunt, duchess Hélène in Bayern.

Sophie's maternal aunt, duchess Elizabeth in Bayern and husband Daniel Terberger. Their daughter Ottora was a bridesmaid.

Here are the parents of all these duchesses in Bayern: Duke Max in Bayern and his wife, Elizabeth Douglas. Followed by duke Franz von Bayern and the couple's eldest daughter, princess Sophie von und zu Liechtenstein.

Sophie's paternal aunt, princess Marie zu Wied and her daughter, duchess Marie Amelie von Württemberg. Marie lost her husband Friedrich only recently. She's escorted by her brother-in-law, duke Eberhard von Württemberg and sister-in-law, duchess Mathilde von Württemberg.

Sophie's paternal uncle, duke Michael von Württemberg and his wife, Julia Storz.

Sophie's paternal aunt, duchess Fleur von Württemberg with husband, count Moritz von Goëss and their children Livia, Flaminia and Zeno.

Dad's French cousin, princess Clotilde d'Orléans and husband Edoaurd Crépy.

 Prince Leopold von Bayern.

Leopold's son, prince Manuel von Bayern & his wife, princess Anna von Sayn-Wittgenstein Berleburg.

Victoria Ortiz Martinez-Sagrera (prince Joachim of Belgium's girlfriend) with the bride and the bride's sister, duchess Pauline von Württemberg.

The official photos: 

The Lunch: Sophie took of the demure veil and church dress and changed into a sexy second dress!

The Ball:  

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  1. I actually broke the story, as I was told privately last week, but had to wait to hit the send button. I got permission to use the photo on my blog http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/2017/09/engaged-duchess-sophie-of-wurttemberg.html

  2. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG COUPLE.I wish them the best for the future. She is part Wuertmberg, Bavaria and now France. One can not do better?. I am looking forward to next month for the rel wedding. Hope lots of Royal guests and of course Photos.

  3. Great news!
    I hope the young bride will wear a stunning tiara.