donderdag 31 augustus 2017

Who is Victoria Ortiz?

Victoria Ortiz (26) accompanied prince Joachim of Belgium  (26), archduke of Austria Este to a big society wedding a few weeks ago. She's been his girlfriend for some time now.

Let's take a look at this wealthy young lady's path...

Victoria Ortiz Martinez-Sagrera is Spanish. Just like Joachim, she studied in Milan. Joachim studied economics & finance at the Bocconi University - while Victoria studied fashion and design at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan.

Previous she also studied law in Spain, with an extra year at Yale. As a teenager she attended Lakefield College in Ontario, Canada - among the school's alumni is prince Andrew of England.

Victoria grew up in Cordoba, on her mother's large finca, where her love for horses stems from.

But like anyone who's anything in society, Victoria has also lived in London. In 2016 she spent a year doing freelance work at British Vogue and internships at PR & communication companies. 

As a skilled fashion student she designed the dress she wore when she accompanied Joachim to the wedding of Eliane de Merode & Charles Astor.

Nowadays Victoria & Joachim live in South Africa, where the Belgian prince holds a position at a renewable energy company.

Victoria has a brother, Antonio, and a sister, Angela.

To be continued, no doubt...

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  1. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. I found her on Instagram because a wedding and she shared a lot of beautiful and romantic pictures with Prince Joachim. Now, she turn her Instagram to a private account, but as far as I can remenber they have been dating for a couple of years.